About PJL

PJL Educational Services has been providing tutoring and other educational services to students and their families in New York City for over 20 years, and has expanded to Boston and Washington, D.C. within the past ten years. To date, PJL has sent over 1,000 tutors to work with over 2,000 students.

PJL’s tutoring philosophy centers around the following key concepts:

  • Teaching.PJL’s tutors are very strong academically. They are highly accomplished students at, and/or graduates of, the world’s leading universities, at the college and graduate school levels. At the same time, they are also excellent teachers with refined communication skills and patience. The goal of each tutor is to teach the material, not simply share tricks or shortcuts.
  • Matching. No one tutoring situation is the same, so PJL considers the process of “matching” tutor to student to be a crucial part of the tutoring process. New clients undergo a personalized, complimentary consultation process geared toward finding for the student a tutor not only able to teach the necessary subjects but also able to connect with the student on a personal level. Tutors often become mentors to their students and sources of trusted advice for their families.
  • Flexibility. PJL does not require clients to sign-up or prepay for “blocks” of sessions, nor any specific amount of tutoring, and PJL is willing to arrange for last minute, day-of tutoring sessions when schedules allow.
  • Attention. PJL’s founder, Patty Laufer, is available, virtually “24/7,” to answer client questions, without charge, regarding tutoring, schooling, the academic status and progress of students, and related questions in the educational area.

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