Do you travel to homes?

Yes. Our tutors are also able to meet at schools, libraries, or other public locations, if preferred.

Is there a minimum length for a session?

Our in-person minimum session length is one hour, although work done by tutors over the phone, by email, or via internet programs has no minimum.

Do you bill for tutor preparation time? Travel time? Materials?

In certain instances, we do bill “prep” or “admin time” (e.g., when a tutor has to read a novel assigned to the student, prepare lesson assignments, practice tests for the student or has to communicate with parents, teachers, therapists, or other tutors). We endeavor to obtain approval for billing such time early in the relationship with the client and that time is billed at a lower rate than tutoring time.

We do not bill for travel time (or related expenses) unless it is significant (e.g., outside of Manhattan for New York City tutors) and only after receiving approval from the client.

Supplementary teaching materials (e.g., test prep books) are billed to the client when purchased by our tutors, as are certain other appropriate disbursements by the tutor (e.g., charges for copying word problems, school assignments, or the like).

Do I have to sign up for a block of sessions?

No. We emphasize flexibility and do not require clients to sign up in advance for packages, or any minimum number, of tutoring sessions. The number and times of a student’s tutoring sessions are arranged between the client and the tutor.

What if I need a tutor last minute?

We do our best to accommodate day-of tutoring requests whenever possible. Patty Laufer is available at all times to arrange tutoring sessions.

When are your tutors available to work?

Most of our tutoring takes place during the week, in the late afternoon after school hours, or in the evening. Most tutors are also available to work with students on weekends and over school vacations. In addition, tutoring is available during the summer months.

Do you tutor students with special learning issues?

Yes. Our tutors, who include trained public and private school educators and therapists, frequently work with students with learning difficulties.

What is your cancellation policy?

Most of our tutors have full-time jobs, teaching or otherwise working in the public or private sector, or are attending graduate school, so we ask our clients to give tutors at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. Cancellations made within 24 hours incur a cancellation fee, as do “no shows” by students at a pre-arranged tutoring session. In each case, the fee is less than the hourly rate for tutoring.

Can I access PJL tutors outside of New York, Boston, and Washington?

Yes. In the past, we have been able to arrange tutoring in other cities, including San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Providence, Hartford, Westport (CT), and Philadelphia. We are also able to arrange video tutoring sessions via Skype, WizIQ, and other internet programs.